2tb USB stick Review

2tb USB stick Review – Need to know

2tb USB stick Review – Need to know

There seems to be a lot of controversy concerning the 2tb USB stick. Yes……….. this is not a typo’ that is  2 terrabyte not megabyte. Imagine that, a silly little plug in thing that is larger in capacity to a lot of laptop or even computer hard drives.

Is this a good idea or not?

Well firstly, if you want a one place backup for all your data, then I guess this is for you. If you keep everything in it’s place and have a place for everything, then the chances of losing or misplacing this USB drive is minimal. The USB drive can contain folders, get partitioned etc the same as a hard drive but keeping all your backups in one place? I guess only you can answer that one. Personally I keep one this size in my drawer next to the computer which is an exact clone of my hard drive. It can be protected or encrypted refer my post, here…. which assists with that information. This would keep your data safe from prying eyes if you also have your computer password protected.

Now I said earlier in this post that there was controversy over the size or capability of this USB drive. When this large size first came out a lot of them were incorrectly marked, refer my post, here….where I delve into a few aspects on buying cheap USB drives including incorrect size of USB drives.

There is software available ( FREE download ) that can check the actual size of the drive whereby you can compare with the displayed size. When using this software it is recommended that you use it before loading files onto the drive. The reason is this: there are many softwares available that check the drive but the majority of them write files to the USB drive and then read them back, in so doing they check all areas of the memory or cache on the drive, therefore can quantify the actual size of the drive. For this reason, if you are going to use the software it should be done prior to transferring data onto the drive. Using this method is the best and most accurate. There are other methods that just read the master boot record of the drive, which (if it has been tampered with) will only give the information that has been given you already, not the actual size available.

I can assure you there are legitimate 2tb USB drives available, they typically use a USB 2.0  drive, but I have seen some online that use USB 3.0. check here, for the difference between the both. You don’t need to pay the earth for them. As I said earlier, I use one myself which has a clone of my hard drive of my computer. I have tried to find where I sourced the drive but cannot find the source, on using software to check the size, it was 1.997tb. Yes I lost a little space but I was happy to be close to actual size stipulated. I strongly suggest you check the size of a drive prior to using, so you can dispute if necessary.

There are other reasons to have USB drives (typically much smaller in capacity) such as usb stickstransferring photos from one to device to another, or transferring files from work to home. Personally, I classify these in a different category, they are (in essence) working files as opposed to backing up a whole drive or working drive in case it gets corrupted. In this instance you would wipe the drive clean, and reinstall from your backup, no stress, no loss of data. Wallah! The days are long gone where you had 5 or 6 CD’s backing up your main drive.

I  hope this gives some insight into the use and possible issues with this size of USB drives.

Let me know your thoughts or comments.


  1. Hey Danny,

    My sister had been asking me to find her a huge storage USB to store her photographies, so I’m glad I stumbled through your page. I’m very surprised because last time I checked portable 2TB storages are at least 10 times bigger than the normal ones.

    Can you give me some links and recommendations on where and which brands to buy these?

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Anh, I cannot find where I purchased my 2tb sticks from but the link on my page “https://usbonlineforyou.com/2tb-usb-stick-review-i…” has a link to some-one I have bought from in the past and products were good. Please take note of my precautions on the page, there is a free download link that checks the sticks for size. As you know, sometimes sellers buy in bulk to satisfy many orders so it always pays to check. Do not be concerned if the siz s a few mb out this is normal. All the best to you. Below is a link to where I would go for the usb stick.

      2tb USB stick


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