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About Me

My name is Danny and I have been “into” computers since their inception.

The whole world of computers and their advancement has amazed me, since (I think) around 1980 with my first TI99a (texas Instruments computer), since then I have followed their progress.

The thing that has always puzzled me has been the lack of storage. Early computers never had enough capacity to do what was needed and save it to enable the user to modify or recall that information, either onboard or (originally) through 5 inch floppy disks.

So along came the floppy drives (5 inch then 3 1/2 inch),  the zip drives, CD’s then DVD’s – this all aided in the capacity of saving your hard earned data.

Now to today

We not only have the capacity to store our data ‘On the Fly’ but transport it, protect it, use it on different operating system platforms. WOW! Now when I have an idea I put it down on a USB (Flash) drive, stick it in my pocket and get back to it later to enhance at a convenient time. How easy is that?

Where to Buy

I have found that there are many sources to purchase USB Sticks but not all of them are reliable. Although there are cheap sources for different size USB Sticks, cheap is not always best.

You will find that I source the best, giving variety, through this site you will discover where to source the size, the markings, the design and YES even personalised USB sticks if you are the manager of a Business or in need of promotional ideas.

I can be contacted through this site if you are looking for something specific or information on a size of a USB Stick or even if you just want to give feedback, I am here to help direct or inform of options as they are born.

USB Sticks are the present form of data protection, but (as we all know) technology is progressing at an enormous rate and if another form of Data protection comes to fruition you will find that source right here with relevant information pertaining to it.

So bookmark this site and keep coming back to see the latest and greatest form of Data transfer.

Wishing You Life’s Best