Best Buy Flash Drive

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Best Buy Flash Drive

 Let me tell you why I chose this USB stick as a Best Buy.

Relating to my discussion on this page  usb-data-recovery-free-i-like-it this purchase considers (as many programs do) alternative options that the user may need included in the price. 

Included with the USB Stick

This flash drive includes 13 powerful Anti virus software tools. Why would you be interested in this I hear you ask. Firstly, consider the USB stick a clean drive, by this I mean it hasn’t been exposed to any possible malware, virus etc which means that you can use it to clean your computer of malware and virus’s. Consider this, early computing days I done this myself) your computer has been exposed to a virus and you download the anti-virus software onto your computer, in order to unpack it and run the software in the hope of cleaning your computer. What you may not know is the virus or malware has already infected and buried itself into the boot sector of your drive which means that some software  won’t see an unfamiliar signature. That is where a fresh drive seperate from the computer that when run will see differing signatures and will question them.

High quality anti malware and anti virus software always insist that you drop into safe mode on your computer or run from an alternate source (such as USB stick). Does that make sense?

This flash drive has the capacity of repairing damaged files, cleans malware and you also receive  over the phone tech support. How great is that!

The aim of this post is not to point all and sundry toward a purchase, I have a flash drive setup which I use myself periodically to scan and check my computers, like many of you, I have a computer, laptop and Ipad. I have this in my arsenal of computer bits and pieces because it’s a safeguard for me and I recently checked my computers , so thought it pertinent to discuss the advantages and why in this post.

I highly recommend you setup your own USB disk at some stage and keep it seperate from typical  USB use, leaving it a clean good checkup source for your computers.


Bookmark this page and keep coming back to see what is happening in the world of USB sticks, or leave a comment – I would love to hear what you have to say.


  • Repairs Damaged Files.
  • Cleans Malware.
  • free over the phone tech support

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