‘USB stick’ Beware

Cheap USB Sticks?

Beware!usb stick

One of the things to  be aware of with these devices is the following, because the USB sticks on the market are software driven this allows for hacking and changing the size of the device.

The fake sticks will deceive you by stating a capacity on the device that doesn’t equate to the actual capacity of the stick. This is done by re-programming the device and quoting an exaggerated size.  These people will then go on to sell these devices for (what is in fact) an overpriced figure.

You can Protect yourself from the possibility of not securing your data.

When you receive your device, one thing that I have become aware of is, on most fakeusb-stick

SanDisks the capacity is marked as G instead of GB, referring to the gb size of the device.

The next most important thing to do is to connect the device to your computer and transfer data to the size of your newly purchased device. So, for example if you bought a 16gb stick, transfer a file equating to 16gb and then retrieve that file and see if it firstly: transfers and retrieves relatively quickly and secondly that the complete file or files are transferred and viewable. If you have a fake device, the transfer will take an exorbitant length of time, whereby the data is attempting to be written to a section that (in essence) doesn’t exist, so it will keep  trying and keep trying. Eventually it will stop and when you try to retrieve the data it states that the file is corrupted. Typically the writing time will take twice as long as the reading back time, but you will know yourself roughly how long a (for example) 16gb file should take.  For example, a 1gb file could tak
e from 50 to 180 seconds writing to a device.

This read back process is the only way to reveal the real capacity of the device.  I believe software will only read the table on the device that has been re-written with a false figure, leaving you to physically check.

I am aware of fake devices  being shipped out from ASIA, especially from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and they are also listed on the Australian, UK, USA and European’s eBay.

Any experiences in this area, let me know.

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