Lockup Computer with USB stick


Lockup Computer with USB stick

Let’s talk James Bond style of protecting your stuff. When I think about James Bond and 007 I typically think of exciting times and sleuthing behind the scenes stuff.

I think we have been used to using the latest and greatest USB stick or flash drive type of data transfer,
protect etc. for more in-depth knowledge on USB sticks checkout other posts and pages on this site. But the point I am heading
toward is early USB sticks were quite small in capacity and as such are probably sitting in a drawer somewhere with the files on them moved to larger capacity drives, am I right? So what do you do with these basically obsolete drives?

Consider This

Think about it – 1k space used on your usb disk and under 5mb on the hard drive of your computer to setup this practice. Allusb sticks takes around 5 minutes to download and setup. Once setup gives firstly the use of those silly little capacity drives in your drawer, secondly the software offers other solutions. Through the software you can set action times (for example) limit the times that your children have access to the computer? Can only be over-ridden by a password, even when the USB stick is sneakily found and inserted, the user still needs to access the computer by entering the password. If you lose the USB stick, don’t despair – you can unlock the computer with the password and setup another drive to take the lost ones place.


What about considering purchasing a USB Hub? connect the USB stick into the Hub and (effectively) disable many computers when you are not around. How about that – make sure your employees go home at night on time and ensure they ‘have a life’ outside of work.

How the software works is by monitoring activity on the computer every 30 seconds (this is adjustable) and if you remove the USB stick the keyboard and mouse is disabled and the screen goes black.  Through the settings page you can setup the times when the user has access, without the password the settings will stand. usb stick capture

There is a capability within the software that allows a picture to be taken of some-one who tries to use the computer that has been set, the software then forwards this picture via email. Talk about James Bond stuff – WOW! I understand that the capability of locking out specific users or setting times of specific users are also capabilities within the software.

What is the name of this software you ask? Here it is.
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