Personalised verses Cloud Based

Personalised USB  Sticksusb stick design

When it comes to personalised devices, there is nothing better. What about handing out free (low capacity) disks as promotional  products, with your business name and image clearly displayed on the stick. If you haven’t got a business but you work for a Boss suggest this to him, maybe get a freeby yourself. If you are a teacher, promote your school through offering out usb sticks to top of the class students, the ideas are endless, but ther is absolutely nothing wrong with getting your name out or promoting a business with these (can’t do without these days) devices. They are certainly cheap enough to purchase these days. refer my  cheap-usb-sticks for looking out for fake devices.

usb stick designAlso, you may want to checkout my   buy-usb-sticks-online  for an insight into the history of USB sticks and how they work.
Everyone uses the devices these days, transferring data from home to work, work to home,  keeping backups of important files or data.

Saving to the Cloud

There is a lot to be said about saving to the cloud these days, accessible from any device frousb stick cloudm anywhere at anytime, but if you have ever used ‘the cloud’ you have to pay for it, it doesn’t seem to connect when you need it to (typically when you are under a deadline) and how safe is the data? I know we are told that our data is safe from prying eyes. At this moment in time are you secure in knowing that your data is only accessible by you? I know I am not. That is why these USB sticks are going to be around for a long time yet. Even if you backup your data/files to two USB sticks, you are secure in the knowledge that no-one else has access to restrict your access or corrupt the data/files.
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  1. I am very careful when I receive free USB sticks. When I receive promotional USB sticks I usually don’t use them immediately. I give them to my friend who has a software to scan them for viruses, malware, etc. I agree that it’s a good idea but you’ll have to buy them from a trustful source (or have them in a sealed package) or scan them before giving them to the public as promotional material for your business.

    • Thank you for your comments, I think I have completely overlooked the points that you have made, have the usb sticks checked prior to use. I think I will use that to inspire my next post. thank you

  2. Well you have presented a lot of thoughtful info here. I am not a big user of USB sticks. In Brasil they are a little expensive to buy. I think I need to reevaluate this issue and seriously consider getting a few.

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