USB data recovery free, I Like It

USB data recovery free,

I Like It

Sometimes we find ourselves in a position of ‘what did i just do?‘  –  usually when we are in a rush and click on the wrong icon or button.   Whoops…. too late.  USB data recovery free, I Like It, or I would if it were available

Well it is possible. If you find yourself in this position –  don’t despair there are a few software programs out there that can retrieve your recently deleted files or images. and YES these are FREE. You can pay for this privilege, some programs you pay for an upgrade to further enhance your experience with that product. But right now, all I would be interested in,  is something that can get my files back…. right?


Memory Overwritten?

All of this of course is only possible if the part of memory that houses the file or part of the file has not been overwritten.  You see, when you delete a file the system marks that section of memory with “not

usb stick recoveryused” Yes the data is still there  right up until the time new data is written to that section of memory, marking it as “used”. So expanding on this theory all the software needs to do is turn the switch on that particular part of memory from “not used” to “used”.  Makes sense  yeah?


Software Assistance

There are a couple of software programs that when accessing tell you whether the recovery is expected to be good, very good or poor, if you want that level of experience. One of these programs actually expect you to install the program and sets up a toolbar on your explorer, I believe you can decline this and still install the program.  Still other programs do not require installation in order to do the recovery. Depending on the complexity of the program, even lost partitions can be recovered, and yes this isn’t just for hard drives although typically usb sticks are not partitioned. Still other programs allow you to preview images before you restore the file.

One of many places to look for these programs is Free Data Recovery Tools, go here to check them out it is an https site, (secure).

Feel free to compare some paid software here, Acute Tools, they (as in most paid software) include a couple of other options within the program such as a registry cleaner after retrieval of your files. Most of the free software give you an elementary program that will do the job but then offer upgrades etc. Sometimes it pays to go straight to the source.

Bookmark this page and keep coming back to see what is happening in the world of Data Recovery for USB sticks, or leave a comment – I would love to hear what you have to say.


  1. All of us have hit the wrong button, so it is good to know that it need not be fatal. I remember the old days of C: then C: del*.* and thankfully the accidents aren’t these days as serious as back then. Still, losing hours of work can still happen. Hopefully you can save a few from that misery.

  2. I had no idea this was possible…but I do now. Great information and written where I can understand it!



  3. Hi, a truly helpful post, i kind of was aware that some files that are deleted can be restored but i didnt know this works better for recently deleted data, good to know that for next time, i havent tried that program yet but i think i will some day (you never know when you might need it), thanks for the heads up, greetings.

  4. yeah, i am real careful about that kind of thing. I have screwed up once or twice. But I never delete fully until I have thought about it more than once. It is good to know that for a price you can get it fixed. Backup is crucial.

  5. Fantastic!

    I accidentally managed to wipe all my wedding photos of a USB Drive and I was firmly in the Doghouse!

    Using Recuva that I found from your link I was able to get them back. She is still pretty unhappy but at least I’m not getting divorced!


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