USB flash drive encryption software

USB flash drive encryption software

Consider this

You have been working all day on a project at work and backed it up onto your  favourite USB stick or flash drive and are heading home to finish it off. More often than not this project is of a confidential or personal nature. When you get home you are alarmed to discover that the USB stick is nowhere to be found. HELP. You daren’t let that information get into the wrong hands and end up advertised somewhere inappropriate. What do you do?usb stick lock

I guess it is unfortunate that the USB stick or flash drive is lost or misplaced in the first place and I feel for you. I think we have all been there, but going back to step one…… if you are working on a project of a confidential or personal nature then shouldn’t you consider safeguarding the files in case of misplacement or loss?

There are USB flash drive encryption software tools available, that in the unfortunate circumstance of losing or misplacing at least give you the satisfaction or peace, of knowing that the information on that device is protected from prying eyes.

You can pay for some high end software, but there are also free software programs available that will give you peace of mind.  Let’s face it….. In this day and age it is essential to protect your digital projects.

A lot of the population use media platforms to splash all sorts of images and information out there for all to see but some things are meant to be kept to a select few, or at least protected until laid out by the author for all to see.

usb stick encrypt

I encrypt all of my portable devices, not because of vanity or any other reason other than, I select who and when gets to view that information. Flash drives or USB sticks are cheap enough, I even have a backup copy of a backup in case of loss, damage etc. and all are encrypted.

Go here for 7 of the best Encrypting Software. best-usb-encryption-software

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