USB Memory Sticks for Computers


USB Memory Sticks for Computers

usb sticks

The USB stick, disk, flash drive, memory stick and many, many other names have certainly come to the forefront of transferring data or files from one place to another.

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Having considered owning a USB stick to transfer data, transport data backup etc, did you also know that apart from size, transfer speed and safeguarding yourself against unscrupulous people ther are many other uses for the USB stick?

Take for example a way of locking your PC?

worth considering?usb stick locked pc

There is software that you can place on a flash drive that effectively locks the computer when it is removed and enables full use when it is plugged in. This would allow the user (once configured) to remove the USB stick whilst going to the toilet, grabbing a cuppa or whatever leaving the computer in a totally disabled state thereby protecting your work or files from prying eyes.

Did you Know

There are times when you want to take your work home to continue working on the data, but ‘what if’ you don’t have the program on your computer at home? such as microsoft word or Open Office, you can load the main program onto the USB stick in it’s entirety, thereby ensuring wherever you wish to work on your data, whether it be imagery, text, data or whatever, the program can be transported at your will to wherever you want to continue working. You are not even obligated (in this instance) to save your work to the USB stick, you can transport the main program but save your work on the device you are working from, in essence disabling a prying eye from accessing that device and viewing the contents. Pretty cool eh?

Have you considered using a USB stick to speed up your computer? In essence the USB stick will be used as increased cache space which allows an increased level of data transfer or working space allowing for the speed up of the overall process and as such speeding up how fast you do things on that particular device.

I hope this information has been informative.

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  1. Hey Danny! The facts you just shared really opened up my eyes! I had no idea that you can lock your computer using a USB stick! Are you going to post a tutorial on how to do this?

    I’m guilty of having bought super cheap USB sticks only to have them “break” later and then I lost access to my files (now I know better–ALWAYS make backups). Now I buy the real deal at full price.

    • absolutely! I apologise for not placing the ‘how to’ in the post. I will make the post in the next couple of days, feel free to pop on by.

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