USB Stick Design

usb stick design

usb stick design

usb stick exposed


Isn’t it amazing what ideas people come up with as to the design of a USB stick.

By that I mean the shape of the USB stick. but you know, thinking about it, as long as the tang that inserts into your device is USB compatible and it has the circuitry that encasing a cache to the size of the markings on the USB stick, then anything around that is up to the imagination of the maker yeah?

I have seen the standard USB stick with just a plastic cover with a protective slide that covers the tang, I have also seen some weird type designs such as the shape of a dog? yes I kid you not. I guess the designer of that particular design would need to make different breeds of dogs to capture a larger market, I only saw (I think) a beagle hound in brown and a black one.

usb stick design

The USB sticks I have seen also encompass different food types, such as a leg of ham, sushi, pineapple, lego stick, guitar, ducks, syringe, pie, hamburger. Many, many more on the market. The mind boggles as to the ideas that manufacturers come up with.usb stick design

One funny one (I thought) was in the shape of a teddy bear with the head replaced with the USB tang, so that when it was inserted into the device it looked as though a teddy bear had it’s head stuck in the computer……I know – right!

Checkout hongkiat.com/  you will be amazed at the diversity of designs that are available.

Some things to consider when purchasing that unusual USB stick is

  • How obtrusive is it when inserted
  • Does it need propping up from being continually falling out
  • How bulky is it in your pocket or purse

usb stick design

Once the novelty of the design wears off you will still need it to do what it was designed to do in the first place, and that is store data for transport or backup purposes.

You may want to read my information on how a USB stick works or USB sticks verses the Cloud, possibly concerns on buying USB sticks.

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