USB Tips


USB Tips

DRIVER USB – FREE download

There are times when  your USB stick fails to be recognised, or is of a larger capacity than your computer is used to handling.  and probably other situations that don’t presently come to mind.  There is a site that allows free download to fix this software for  all operating systems . The file size is 12 mb and is compatible with windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista.

These files are also available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iphone, ipad, android, windows phone and blackberry.  FREE download to fix this issue here.

So….why would you need this file,   different makes and models, different sizes are programmed slightly differently and as such requires either onboard (usb  stick) software to load or download typically from the manufacturers site, in order to operate and transfer data to and from.

When USB sticks first came out, this was a way for the manufacturers to take the purchaser to their website where the possibility of an upsell was available.  These days purchasers of USB sticks have already purchased what they wanted and just want to use it without all the fluff of searching, downloading or just plain waiting for the USB stick to work.

That said, this site  offers drivers that allow almost all USB sticks to work automatically, and you can download for FREE.

USB to Serial Port Adapter

There is another site that (in the most part) are free downloads which assist in the communications through USB ports. For example a USB to serial adapter requires software to make it work effectively. This allows you to connect a serial device to a USB port.  This is a very useful device for connecting equipment such as printers, scanners, scales and GPS devices, but also most business and consumer equipment can be connected to a computer by using this adapter. The old style com ports or rs232 ports are still around because the engineers that first designed the protocol involved is easy for them to understand and is an affective and reliable form of data transfer.  For example: mass produced chips (electronic circuitry) is fallible . The reality is this…..Computers and hand held devices are being manufactured with the USB style communication ports and as such require the adaptation and software required to connect these devices and allow communication between them.

USB to Serial –  Go here for the free software downloads which includes explanations and hardware on that page with guarantees and explanations included.

USB Driver written by You.

Ever thought of writing a simple USB driver yourself?    My Driver –   this page suggests writing a simple USB driver for your own device. It gives ideas, steps those ideas out and shows you how it’s done.  May be worth playing around with eh?

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